One of the most important aspects of our TY programme is Work Experience.




Work experience’ involves spending time as part of the school course,


learning at first-hand about life in a workplace. In Muckross Park College There are three ‘Work experience’ weeks during the Year. Two of these are general ‘Work experience’ weeks, whereas, in the third, pupils are required to secure placement in an organisation that provides ‘Social Outreach’ (in its various forms) to the community.


The employer agrees to co-operate with the school in taking on a pupil


for a one week work experience placement and pupils are indemnified by the schools insurer; Allianz.




The three designated weeks are:






November 3rd-7th 2014

Mar 9th- 13th 2015

May 18th-22nd 2015








It is very important to note that no work experience should be organised outside of the designated weeks.




We have found the practice of girls doing extra Work Experience to be highly disruptive to their (and other pupils’) learning and it is damaging to the integrity of the TY programme as a whole. Absence from school, except where officially sanctioned, will be recorded as such and may have detrimental consequences with regard to future subject choices/placements in senior cycle and may affect the allocation of roles of responsibility in sixth year.


Insurance forms that may be required from employers are available here






Parents and Pupils need to be aware that:




  • The placement is part of the school course and offers a great learning opportunity.

  • The employer - who has an enterprise to run - is co-operating with the student with limited direct benefit to the enterprise.

  • Both employer and student will complete a report at the end of the placement.

  • These reports will become important documents for future reference.


    Getting the Best from Work Experience


    To get the most from a work experience placement, it is worth thinking in terms of three stages. For a pupil to get maximum benefit, it is important that each stage goes well.


    The three stages are:





  • Searching for a placement which will suit their interests.

  • Presenting themselves to the employer and making a good case for themselves.

  • Understanding what the employer expects from them.





  • Turning up in good time.

  • Presenting themselves appropriately.

  • Following the instructions given by their supervisor.

  • Performing the given tasks.

  • Getting on with the other workers.

  • Dealing with people in a friendly and courteous way.





  • Thinking about the placement.

  • Talking about the placement with family members and friends.

  • Writing a report on their placement.

  • Discussing their work experience in class and with their teachers.

  • Clarifying, in the light of their placement, plans for further work

         experience, for studying and for the future.




The TY Retreat will take place on Wednesday 17th October in Ovoca Retreat Centre in Wicklow.

Pupils will travel by bus to the centre. They must be in school at the usual time of 8.40am.

The retreat is activity based so pupils must wear active clothing, shoes they don’t mind getting wet and a warm & waterproof jacket.

Pupils must bring a packed lunch.

The bus will return to school at 3.30pm.

Transition Year Trip

A Transition Year Trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon to take place at the end of May 2019. The exact dates are the 26th May- 28th May 2019 inclusive (Three full days and two nights). Full details on this trip has been handed to pupils and emailed to pupils and parents. Hard copies of this information are available in school.

Click here for all information relating to Leaving Cert Subject Choices


The work experience dates for 2018-2019 are:


 Nov 5th - 9th 2018

Feb 11th - 15th 2019

May 20th - 24th 2019





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